đŸ”ĨBurn & Earn

At the heart of the STR8FIRE ecosystem lies our events space. In this 3D world, our community comes together to celebrate our IPs, share their valued views, and above all:

Burn & Earn!

During our NFT Burning Events, all of our token holders can burn a selection of their IP-based NFTs in exchange for a High APY NFT and start earning exponential yield when staking $STR8X.

And to go even one step further, we also enable holders of selected partner NFTs to join in the fun and burn a selection of their NFTs to upgrade to our High APY NFTs, when staking $STR8X.


High APY NFTs do exactly what the name suggest: they earn you more yield, when staking.

So, how does this work?

Stake $STR8X

As with any staking tool, $STR8X holders can stake their tokens and earn APY.

Stake $STR8X + High APY NFT

Only at STR8FIRE, $STR8X holders can now stake our native tokens + a High APY NFT and earn exponential APY.

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