⚖️Legal Notice

This Whitepaper (“WP”), as developed by STR8FIRE (“SF”), relates to the intended development of SFʼs GameFi solution, as well as the $STR8X token (“STR8X”). This WP, and any related documents, are not binding for SF and are subject to change without notice. This WP may be amended or re-placed at any time, without notification of any changes or access to any additional information. The WP contains statements that are based on SFʼs beliefs, as well as assumptions made by and information available to SF.

This WP is only intended to be read by parties that may purchase STR8X under any applicable securities and other laws and, if, in the jurisdiction to which you are subject, the purchase of STR8X is only permissible if you satisfy certain conditions, such as being an 'accredited investor’, you satisfy all such conditions. The STR8X is not intended to be a security or otherwise a regulated instrument. This WP is not a prospectus. This WP does not constitute legal, tax, regulatory, financial, investment, trading or accounting advice or services.

SF and STR8X are under development and are being constantly updated. The qualities and functionality of SF and STR8X may be different from as included in this document, due to regulatory, technical or other reasons. If, and when, SF and STR8X are completed, they may differ significantly from this WP. Recipients or readers of this WP are urged to conduct their own investigations and analysis of the matters contained in this WP and should not rely on any recommendations or statements in this WP. No undertaking, warranty (whether express or implied) or other assurance is given, and none should be implied as to, and no reliance should be placed upon, the content of the WP. In particular SF gives no representation, warranty or other assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of the information set out in this WP and any similar documentation regarding SF, any platform or product of SF or STR8X; the liabilities and obligations that holders of STR8X may incur as a result of holding STR8X; whether STR8Xs constitute any proprietary right; the fitness of STR8X or any of SF’s products for a particular purpose; or whether STR8Xs are or are not securities or other regulated investments in any jurisdiction. For the avoidance of doubt this WP does not constitute an offer or a legally binding contract. Any offer or agreement in relation to any sale and purchase of STR8X is to be governed solely by a separate document setting out the terms of such agreement. In the event of any inconsistencies between such agreement and this WP, the former prevails.


  • Our Token Purchase Agreement contains a detailed description of all project risks. For the avoidance of doubt, these are some high-level risks. The technology associated with SF may not function as intended

  • SF is still under development and may not be completed, may never be fully launched or may be defective

  • SF may fail to attract sufficient interest from users

  • The company building SF may be subject to investigation and punitive actions

  • The legal entity that operates SF may change during the development of SF and/or $STR8X

  • SF may be subject to significant legal and regulatory requirements

  • There may be risks that are not anticipated

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