Redefining the Entertainment Industry

Original and renowned Web2 IPs are transformed in play-to-earn games and NFT collections that unlock ownership and rewards for the Web3 community.

What do you get when you put a BAFTA-winning animator, a Marvel comic writer, and a IP developer for Disney in the same room with AI and DeFi experts, seasoned Web3 game developers, and a handful of kick-ass Web3 entrepreneurs and investors? STR8FIRE!

Whereas StraightFire Studios has built an impressive portfolio of IPs that cover the worlds of animation, gaming, comics, and toys, it's sister company STR8FIRE is fully dedicated to unlock ownership and financial rewards of these IPs for its fans by fully utilising the best Web3 has to offer.

This whitepaper outlines the development STR8FIRE and the $STR8X token offering. It provides an in-depth look at our vision, the token sale structure and pricing, outlines the team behind the project, and details the roadmap for the project. Additionally, the whitepaper examines the STR8FIRE ecosystem, our business model and use of proceeds, as well as the legal framework. All of this is provided to ensure that investors have all the necessary information to make an informed decision before investing.

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