🎯Our Vision

STR8FIRE redefines the world of entertainment.

We seamlessly merge Web2 and Web3 through our IPs, $STRX token, free-to-play-to-earn games, NFT collections, and exponential APY staking. This empowers our community to profit from the success of our portfolio of IPs in both the short- and long-term through our play-to-earn reward system and IP ownership.

So, let's break that down!

What is an IP?

In the world of media and entertainment, an IP, or franchise, is a collection of related multi-media in which several derivative works are produced from an original creative work of fiction, such as a film, a comic, or a video game. Pokémon and Marvel's Universe are obviously examples, but also Web3 giants such as Fenix Games and Sorare are making unbelievable strides in growing their IP.

Why animations, games, comics, toys, and music?

Based on Epic's Unreal Engine and NVIDIA's Omniverse platform, StraightFire Studios has developed a custom-made, 3D Pipeline Technology that enables them to create inter-connected narratives across multiple media formats and monetise through animations, comics, games, toys, music, and immersive experiences. In layman's terms: when StraightFire Studios develops 3D characters and environments for its animations, they re-use the 3D assets to create toys, build Fortnite Islands, and publish digital comics. This way, they can grow IPs exponentially without breaking the bank.

Why unlock ownership and financial rewards in Web3?

Frankly, the world of global IPs is dominated and controlled by a handful of media conglomerates, streaming platforms, and entertainment powerhouses. And the diehard fans, who buy their way into the worlds of Disney and Anpanman, pay for all of their profits. This is where Web3 comes in! Everyone can now truly own a piece of the action and monetise their fandom. How? Well, let's have a look at how STR8FIRE is making this a reality.

From Web2 to Web3 and Back

Plenty of successful Web3 projects have tried and failed to enter the real world. Even with fat wallets and a thriving Web3 community, the centralised world of entertainment has proven a bridge too far. Some traditional IP builders have dipped their toes in the world of Web3, but don't like to hand-over ownership and control to a community they really don't understand or trust. Web2 and Web3 seem polar opposites, so now what? We cannot promise to solve all problems, but STR8FIRE is positioned to make an immediate impact.

Web2 launched the “creator economy” and opened the doors to scores of new storytellers, the best of whom were able to translate Web2’s success onto the big stage. But today, Web2’s platform limitations related to control (changing algorithms impact reach) and monetisation don’t offer the same opportunities for new creators.

For different reasons — slashed budgets, competition and risk-averse executives — even mainstream Hollywood creators and platforms are finding it harder to reach and maintain audiences. Web3 has the potential to address both these issues and usher in a new era of immersive entertainment and digital ownership that is a win for both creators and their fans.

Utilising our $STR8X token, free-to-play-to-earn games, IP-based NFT collections, and staking & APY Boosters tool, we bridge the worlds of Web2 and Web3, so our community can reap the financial benefits from the success of our IPs in the short- and the long-run.

And to top it off:

STR8FIRE launches the first GROWTH FUND dedicated to building the hottest IP portfolio bridging Web2 and Web3.

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