💲$STR8X Token


Total Supply $STR8XCirculating Supply at TGE


778,750,000 (7.79%)

Total Supply in presaleTotal Supply Free at TGE

2,100,000,000 (21%)

178,750,00 (1.79%)

TGE Market Cap (excl. liquidity)TGE Fully Diluted Market Cap

USD 536,250

USD 30,000,000

Token Utility

  • $STR8X is the fuel of the STR8FIRE ecosystem.

  • It is a payment token used to:

    • Pay all platform fees, including NFT burning fees.

    • Pay for all in-game purchases and performance boosts.

    • Buy-in for the play-to-earn games.

  • Holding $STR8X unlocks an expansive list of perks, such as:

    • Access to exclusive content from our IPs

    • Early access to new IPs

    • Access to allow- and whitelists for NFT drops, toy releases, and comics series.

    • Access to our staking pools.

    • Unlock active participation in IP development.

  • $STR8X is also used to reward players of our casual, mobile games.

Deflationary Mechanisms


  • Use profit from the IP portfolio to buy-back $STR8X.

  • Use profit from NFT sales, in-game purchases and ads to buy-back $STR8X.

  • Staking of $STR8X for APY.


  • Burn NFTs to upgrade to High APY NFTs.

  • Staking of NFTs for exponential APY.

Ecosystem Rewards

The Ecosystem Rewards are used to reward those community members who are actively participating in the growth of our company and the success of our IP portfolio and invest their time in playing games, reading comics, watching animations, collecting toys, and listening to music.

Growth Fund

The Growth Fund is used to further grow the existing portfolio of IPs, as well as attract and build new ones. With our deep network in the creative communities and global production companies, we have direct access to both brand new and well-established IPs in the West and the East.

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