👀Sneak Peak

Some of the IPs have already been successfully launched, while others are still in pre-production. Some of the IPs we fully own, while other third-party IPs we further grow in Web3. We will gradually release the IPs, but we don't want to keep them all from you. So, let us lift a corner of the veil.



Launched in cinemas in Beijing and Shanghai in December 2023, this co-production with Bilibili, China's largest ACG platform, has grossed close to 30M views already and is currently running on Bilibili's pay-per-view platform. With collectible toys and comics in production, VIRUS is ready to spread like a .... virus.


4.4M+ global fan base

80M+ albums sold

Created by Taboo, from the Black Eyed Peas, AngryFoot is the world's first native American superhero. Currently in pre-production, this comic and animated feature film, supported with toys and never-before-released music will soon also enter the world of Web3. So watch this space, because AngryFoot is pissed and has a tomahawk to grind!

And More

Access to 500+ global IPs, 100+ countries, and 300M+ audience.

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